Steps to trouble shoot

  1. I suggest updating {future} and your R version if you have not already done so.

  2. Are you able to share the data?

  3. Do a good MWE



df1 = mutate(df, date = as.Date(as.character(datadate), format="%Y%m%d"))

  1. Check if your virus scanner is blocking interprocess communication

  2. Try to apply the function to just one chunk, perhaps there is a syntax error or column error? If one chunk works then you can rule out coding error

get_chunk(df, 1) %>%
  mutate(date = as.Date(as.character(datadate), format="%Y%m%d"))
  1. Set the number of workers to 1, so there is no more inter-process communication. Does it work now? If it does, then it’s the inter process communication. You might need to contact your admin for help
mutate(df, date = as.Date(as.character(datadate), format="%Y%m%d"))
As an MWE this works for me.

a = data.frame(datadate = rep("20201007", 3e6))