Set up disk.frame environment

  workers = data.table::getDTthreads(),
  future_backend = future::multisession,
  gui = FALSE



the number of workers (background R processes in the


which future backend to use for parallelization


passed to `future::plan`


Whether to use a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for selecting the options. Defaults to FALSE


if (interactive()) { # setup disk.frame to use multiple workers these may use more than two # cores, and is therefore not allowed on CRAN. Hence it's set to run only in # interactive session setup_disk.frame() # use a Shiny GUI to adjust settings # only run in interactive() setup_disk.frame(gui = TRUE) } # set the number workers to 2 setup_disk.frame(2)
#> The number of workers available for disk.frame is 2
# if you do not wish to use multiple workers you can set it to sequential setup_disk.frame(future_backend=future::sequential)
#> Warning: Ignored 2 unknown arguments: 'workers', 'gc'
#> The number of workers available for disk.frame is 1