Convenience Features

Graphical User Interface (GUI) for setting options

I wanted to make disk.frame as easy to use as possible. I often forget what options are available to me. So I’ve made a graphical user interface (GUI) which can invoked with

setup_disk.frame(gui = TRUE)

The above opens up a Shiny app where the user can adjust the disk.frame options in a .

RStudio column name completion

mtcars.df = as.disk.frame(mtcars)

mtcars.df %>% 
  filter(<press tab>)

you can press tab in RStudio and it will show all columns available.

Insert ceremony/boilerplate into code in RStudio

The below will insert the recommended ceremony code into your editor


should insert

# this willl set disk.frame with multiple workers
# this will allow unlimited amount of data to be passed from worker to worker
options(future.globals.maxSize = Inf)